I wish I had just a craving

It is my 12th day and I wish I had just a craving. I am on meds that make me feel awful - I feel nausea, my head is about to explode, I'm tired, no energy, don't want to eat, can't sleep etc. So, at the moment I would be sooooo happy to swap this with having just a craving to fight with.

Positive though… I am finally starting to learn that there are much worse things than a ciggy craving in this world and I am very thankful that this state I'm in now, is only temporary. If I kept on smoking, these kind of pains could become permanent. Scary thought! I think I have found a bucket full of motivation today!

Stay strong everyone... and if it all feels too tough, kick your self hard enough to know you could be feeling a lot worse!

… sorry a bit morbid today!!

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  • I got some ginger pills at the drug store they really help with nausea and don't make you drowsy. All natural. I don't know if they have them in England? In Canada they are sold under the name Gravol. You could ask your doctor. Also Simple Ginger herbal tea helps alot.

  • The other thing that helps with nausea is peppermint tea if you can stand the taste. I love it but there are alot of people around that cant

  • And as a bonus herbal tea might help soothe you enough to help you sleep.

  • I tried the tea trick and even though I feel pretty bloated still it did nock me out in the evening. Thank you for a good hint!

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