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Courtney Love singing country...odd dreams!

Hi all, how are you today?

well, the further into my quit i am going, the stranger my dreams are getting!

Last night i dreamt that i went to a Kurt Cobain memorial concert -in real life i dont have a particular fondness for Cobain and wouldnt even know one of his songs if i heard it, so god only knows why i would drream that!

Anyway, i was standing in the audience and Courtmey Love is standing there int he stage, looking very healthy and beautiful (again, not like reality!) and is smoking as she talks about Kurt...then she says she is going to sing a song about him...and sings a country song..she sings it beautifully too, had an amazing voice (like i said, not any bearing on reality at all)!!

hahaha..i have NO idea where this dream came from, but it gave me a good giggle!!

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Haha, are you wearing the patches by any chance? I have shocking dreams on them, very vivid, and i never even usually remeber my dreams.


Hi jude,

no, i am going CT. Its actually quite fun to have such wierd dreams. I have started looking forward to them!


fair play to you for doing it CT! I always think that is mad! and very hard!

The patches give me kind of nightmarish dreams i have to say...dead people and being tortured. Or perhaps is just my troubled psyche revealing itself after nicotine kept it down, lol.


Yikes, i would rather have my dreams as yours sound too scary!!

Last night i was walking naked through a forest and talking to a care bear!?

No idea where these ideas are coming from!


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