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1st night out on the town as a non-smoker-worried!

Morning everyone!

OK, i am on day 33 today!!!

Next weekend i have been invited out to the pub. It will be the first time in a VERY long time that i have been out during the evening (i am talking years not months!!) and although i dont plan on drinking much alcohol, i am worried that the whole atmospehere will lead to me caving in and smoking- does anyone have any advice?

All my friends are smokers, so will be faggging it outside, and i will refuse to go outside with them, as i dont want to breathe in the toxic air (get me, an anti smoker already!)...but i am worried about it!

Part of me doesnt want to go out and be sociable with them until i feel a bit more confident in my quit, but i also know that i cant just sit at home forever because i'm too scared that i will fail!

any advice for me please!??

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Hi Claire, I reckon you will be fine. You've done really well so far and faced triggers head on. My only advice would be to take the drinking slowly till you are comfortable with it. I still take my time till i'm comfortable within my own resolve. I would look forward to it, dont let the fact that you are a non smoker sully the event, if you do, the fags will still have control over you! Take your time with the drink and remember, having a fag will not make the evening go any better!! Be a smug non smoker xx


Claire, perhaps go along and don't drink, take the car, you can then make your excuses and leave if you start feeling a bit vulnerable. I've driven on lots of occasions and have found i've really enjoyed the evening cos i've felt in control and not having to rely on others to get home, sharing a taxi, bus, train, walk etc. (assuming you drive of course, please ignore above if you don't).

As Fiona says, keep an eye on the alcohol, it's when the demon is at his best. Try to look forward to it, plan what you're wearing etc. how nice your going to smell compared to your mates, make a real effort to show them how fab you are as a non-smoker. If it gets to the day and you really feel freaky about it, don't go, your friends will understand and you can wait until you feel more comfortable about it.

Your quit is what is most important and keeping yourself in a positive and relaxed frame of mind, your mates will be there for other nights out so go with what you feel most comfortable with.

Lorraine :)


Thanks for the advice you guys,

yes i do drive, but the place that we are planning on going is very local, so driving is a bit pointless really, but good idea for if we go further afield next time!

I am going to see how i feel on the day- if i dont think i can go, i will stay at home.

My quit is more important to me than anything else.


Well done on seeing your first month through, you'll soon be at 50 days.

Enjoying reading your posts as you progress, you is doing good.

Onwards and upwards Claire.

Belated congrats on your birthday too.



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