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Fags vs Me, Max Kirsten, Allan Carr & the Gym

13th day and I'm looking forward to breaking the 2 week barrier by Monday!

This week started off good, went downhill with massive cravings on Tuesday and Wednesday, and is back up there with the best of 'em these past couple of days. I'm not sure why as I've had the cravings every day but on those bad days I felt like I was going mad... if there had been a cigarette nearby on those occasions I don't know what I would have done (probably had one if I am honest).

My lungs do feel clearer and I've stopped coughing so that has cheered me up; I just hope the next week goes better than this week :D I'm also listening to the Allen Carr CD for the second time and although lot of it makes sense, I can't believe he had no cravings and actually enjoyed the stopping process; maybe he was thinking of all the money selling the books and CD's :D although on a sad note, I read that he died of lung cancer a few years ago.

An unfortunate side effect of kicking this habit is that I'm constantly starving and consequently eating lots of food, which in turn is putting weight on me; I go to the gym twice a week now so I suppose that must be helping but I really need to cut down on the chocolate and take-aways :eek:. I know the feeling of hunger for a cig is the same as the hunger for food so I'll just have to think before I eat; mind you, I have heard that a twix is healthier than a Benson & Hedges :D

Note to self: I must remember to listen to the Max Kirsten starter session again. This is the one you listen to once a week; the booster sessions are for at least every other day (probably best to listen once a day but I never seem to have the time).


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Interestingly, your metabolism goes a bit wayward when you quit I read somewhere. Think that source came from Marg who was a good font of logical knowledge. Even if you diet, go to gym etc , you may find you still put on weight. Don't stress, after 6-8 months it settles down and your weight stabilises. Unless you gorge on curry and chinese and pies like me, that is!


I love Indian food, Chinese food and Holland's pies :D:D:D

There's probably a forum somewhere for people addicted to them :D


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