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still here

Day 3 now and yesterday was a major struggle for me with the cravings think a lot of it came down to the fact i was home alone all day. Today i have company for pretty much the whole day so should be a little bit easier:) And i finally get to see my other half who i havent seen all week which will be lovely he is one of my reasons for quitting and without him here to support me the last few days have been a nightmare. Now just to work out how i am going to survive the friends 30th birthday tonight i know i will be ok with them because none are smokers but every bar we walk into there will be masses outside (plus i have this horrible fear of getting really drunk with not having my usual intake of fresh air over the evening) Hope everyone has something nice planned for their saturdays. Oh yeah i took great pleasvure yesterday in throwing away boxes of filters and packets of rizlas and anything else i could find was quite therapeutic really. I am not going back this time:D

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Good for you Lott. Just keep struggling if you have to, you don't want to keep going through this do you. You know now where you'll finish up if you do light up again, back to square one. If you think you'll be at risk of smoking again if you drink too much, take it easy, you'll feel a lot better whan you wake up. As you pass through all the smokers tonight, just think, that's how you smelled. David


am now starting to think i might not go out probably safer staying at home and having an early night dont think ready to do that one yet


I think thats brilliant! To start the quit on your own without the support of OH is great. In previous quits I reckon i'd have secret smoked by now! You must be very strong in your resolve and I reckon this weekend will be a breeze!


Very positive lottelee. I have to agree that staying in wouldn't be the worst idea. I stayed away from booze and nights out for the first couple of weeks. It wasn't worth it to me. I've been out for a few meals and beers since and just enjoyed the evenings smoke free.

I still have a bit of a 'drink the booze you loose' attitude at the mo. I have started to realise I only drank to help the fags go down easier. Drink to smoke and smoke to drink.

I have realised it is acceptable to go to a pub and not drink. SHOCK HORROR :)

Stay strong and enjoy your weekend! Use your non smoking friends to keep you strong, no matter what.


go to the pub and not drink didnt think that was even possible haha. I already managed having a drink without a cigarette but then not been around any smokers. Had a few ciders with my sister last night. My family are quite big drinkers well most of them run pubs not worried about drinking it is just being around other smokers not looking forward to Good job i decided not to go out cos babysitter pulled out about half hour ago. Fiona trust me it has been hard without him here to support me just been me and the kids which can be very testing at times. Thankfully only another hour or so till he is home in need of a massive cuddle. you never know may forget the cravings for a few hours plus there is a massive spider trapped in my bathroom under a glass that really needs moving.


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