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Why am i quitting?

Well there are a few reasons for that one

I have 2 beautiful daughters one of them is severely asthmatic and the other has a heart condition and their health is important to me. My partner doesnt smoke and after 10 months together i think i can finally do it so he can stop kissing an ashtray. I have always been obsessed with fitness used to run long distance professionally and now couldnt even run for a bus if tried i want my fitness levels back dont think i will ever run like i used to but would like to give it a try. I want to do 3 peaks next year for a charity called foundation for prader willi research which is very close to my heart.

The main reason for me finally taking this step though was letter from my doctor telling me they have found pre cancerous cells in my cervix. I have to wait till november to go back and find out if they have progressed or whether they can just be removed surgically. I dont blame smoking for this but i know it could have been a contributing factor. It wont change the outcome of this now but gave me a real boost how much i am affecting my own health let alone my families.

Probably not the happiest reasons for giving up but at almost the end of day 1 i am feeling very positive.

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Hi Lottelee,

Good for you for deciding to quit no matter what the reason. I hope that when you go back to the docs everything is ok. I had to have one repeated years ago but everything was fine when I went back thank goodness.

I don't think we really appreciate how much smoking takes away from us healthwise at times. I wish you luck with your quit.



Thankyou Gaynor and i have to agree the reasons at the end of the day i never really thought about how much i was affecting my health


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