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No Smoking Day
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11 months

I received a text today. It said: "11 !!!!!! WELL DONE !!!!!" my reply was "11What?????" I had completely forgotten that my (and my quit Sis Lorna) quit is 11 months old today. I hope this doesnt sound complacent to anyone reading this but it really does get easier and i rarely think about smoking now. Thats not to say it has been easy because MY GOD i could have killed several people quite easily and with satified grin on my face when i did it!!!. So here is a thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way especially the Octo's who are a fine, thoughtful and caring group of people one and all. A special thanks to Lorna for some great advice at times when the cravings were really bad. And all you people behind me the penthouse beckons see you there !!!!!

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Fantastic Jack - really well done to you and the other Octos - you are a fantastic group and have done so well. I'm really pleased and proud of you all.



Jack, how fantastic, you sound brilliant. Next stop the penthouse!


Lorraine :)


Honestly it has gone by so quick, I can not believe we are still off the weed and our family members are still alive.

Well done Jack and Lorna (I will text the woman), 4 weeks and you will be Penthouse bound!

Well done xx


Well done Jack. I am really looking forward to seeing your great fun group getting to the year.



Great post Jack and well done for the whole thing passing you by! I'm still not at that stage 19 months in!!

You octo's really have done a stunning job at quitting! :)


Fab news Jack, well done you and Laura for reaching 11 months, that is so great.

Just behind you, unfortunately on my own as both my quit buddies have gone, but still here.

Our group has done so well its great will alwys be catching you 2 up but you can just keep that bottle of vintage Red for me.

Well done Jack




Well done mate - brilliant news.

I think the Octos are great - I always enjoyed the posts (but was somethimes scared by clipboards!!)


Woooohooo well done Jack - I'm joining you at 11 months today....or can I say MONTH 12??????? :cool:


Belated but best of congrats to you Jack and of course Lorna.

11 months :eek: Or as MCW says, beginning our 12 month now.

Congrats MCW too :cool:

Bar one silly little 4 or 5 puff blip, I'm at 11 months today.

I did consider the ins and outs of restarting but the counting is not for me what its all about, its a part of it but not the overriding factor.

My blip remained at that and combined with a slight hangover the next day, a sickness bug and the toxins running around the system of a few puffs, I have a whole new 'last association' with smoking.

That blip made me stronger and put a certain ghost to rest.

It could of gone the other way and led me back to smoking or being a serial social blipper. It didn't.

Along with my own conscious that pricked at the time, some internal debates and a few buddies from here I discussed it with ..... I'm good with the choice I made for me.

Anyone looking to push their thoughts on the wrongs of blipping and restarting a quit to me ................. don't :p

AG, there was only ever one clipboard. It was just the way Lorna wielded it ..... it made it seem there were more ;)


Pol and MCW a big well done to you

Also to Lorna and Christine and JJ as they are now 11th months quit and to any of the Octos who have reached/near reaching 11 months

Great stuff, I'm as pleased as punch and very proud of you all :)



OMFG, *sign of the cross* lol lol lol

Octoquits nearly in da penthouse!

Well done you 11 monthers - nearly there don't be complacent tho, I stumble not saying you will but....








Too many celebrations in one post!! A massive congratulation to you all! You are a seriously entertaining and great bunch of people whos posts I always read and look out for xx:D


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