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woke up this morning *music plays* and before i got out of bed i started getting quite short of breath. i'd forgotten to raise the blinds before sleeping and before i quit that was always bad news. now with my lungs starting to heal it wasn't as bad, but i was hit by a new fear that said 'what if i don't make it and quit this time, smoking will make you really sick'.

half an hour later i'm feeling better and i have my new non-smoker like lungs back again - nice deep breaths!

but i have to face it, i have the beginings of very dark and scary things happening to my lungs. if i went to see a doctor about it she/he would say similarly dark and scary things to me.

i'm not brave enough for that, not even close. there is no option this time, smoking is finished now, end of.


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Hiya - day 3 already - pretty good right? I would suggest you do go and see the quacks if you continue to get this shortness of breath...

Before you know it you'll be one week done :)


I had a similar thing happen to me before I finally quit... Felt I had cocentrate on breathing and felt like I was gasping...Put me right off my fags...but I managed to smoke through it. All the time I kept thinking this is it I've gone too far...FEAR!

I thought the same thing...I should go and see the docs but I was scared of what they might say...

I'm on week 7 now and have started running, weights and tennis...Still time for me to give Bradd Pitt a run for his money :)

The biggest thing I suffered from in my first week was anxiety. I knew the only answer was to stop the fags and get fit... Worked for me

Keep up the good quit week 7 feels even better than week 6.

best wishes



thanks tinks, i'll do that if it carries on :)

defrog, thanks for sharing that and glad to hear you're doing so well, i'll take this morning as a good omen then...

been cold turkey today as i only had a 5 hour shift, in the last half hour i started finding something funny (a typo i'd made in a document, a good one though!) and through trying to keep a straight face ended up laughing for ten minutes, tears in the eyes and all that! can that be normal? i thought i should be having a bad time, not enjoying myself! mind you if i keep that up i'll be out of a job sooner or later :rolleyes:

warning, there is a smoking scene :eek: in this link -



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