No Smoking Day
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Motivation for any one struggling or starting

We all feel giving up is difficult! We all say 'I have tried everything'. We moan about cravings, of feeling crappy.

Have we tried everything? Are we taking responsibility for our own situation or hoping someone else will do it for us.

Take a look at this guy, Nick Vujicic on you tube -

So how hard are we really trying. How hard did Nick try?

What a guy!

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I smiled and then I cried, and then I realised that when I think I am being hard done by that I am not, and that their are so many people so much worse of than we are and they all still manage to be happy and content with there lives.

Then I felt selfish and realised that I sometimes need a kick up the jacksy to make me realise that life is what we make it, not what we think it is.


Yeah, we think we have a hard time giving up. I bet many people would rather be in our shoes than go throu some of the things in their life. That guy makes us look stupid.

Even addiction wise if you look at the withdrawal symptoms for herion (and make no mistake, we are drug users/ex users) compared to tobacco, we should see there are many people worse off than us.

This habit is beatable.


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