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No Smoking Day
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45 days..... oh no

So this is the latest....... here I am at day 45 or 6.42857 weeks to be exact. Do you want to know what I just did????????? Since yesterday I have had a lot of desire to smoke, don't know why after 6.42857 weeks but I'm thinking just one......... right??? So just now I get my car keys, drive to the gas station and the attendant that hasn't seen me in 6.42857 weeks puts my cigarettes on the counter without me asking........ now I'm thinking that is my sign that it is ok for me to smoke today........ In addition today would have been the birthday of someone near and dear to me who smoked his whole life so maybe I can smoke one for him in remembrance right? Big frigin debate going on here.............. is it smoke em if you got em.......... or no?

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Sparky- NO No NO NO NO

If you have those ciggies, throw them down the toilet, NOW!


You KNOW it wont just be the 1 ciggie in 'rememberence of your friend'...it will be a whole wake up call to that Nicodemon, and you will be back to square 1.

Saying that you will smoke 1 or 2 ciggies 'in rememberence' of your friend is just an excuse that the nicodemon is giving you to trap you again! there will ALWAYS be an excuse...just dont listen to it!



That would scare me to go back to somewhere after 6 weeks and them automatically give me cigs

What can anyone say on here that will make you change your mind, and not light up.

Nothing as only you can light that ciggie or not as the case may be, you have to decide if you want to get back to being a smoker again because there is no such thing as ONE cig because there will be a nicotine eruption in your brain and you will have to have another and another and so you will be back to day one and the quit will start all over again.

I know what my choice would be and it would be I have got this far and not smoked and I am just at 6 weeks and beginning to feel the benefits of being smoke free and I would be gutted to be back on the smoking route again.

So you know what you have to do and that is not smoke cause if you really thought it was the right thing to do you wouldn’t be on here asking the question would you.

You take care and think long and hard before you light up again.


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