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Im new...HI!

Well i quit, after numerous attempts over the last 11 years.. and somehow i am on day 6! wahoo! its not so bad either.. only i darent drink alcohol like i used to in case i i havent had much of that either. But thats a double bonus for my health..

i am interested in hearing about any side effects people are having...i'm a bit light headed occasionally but thats to be expected.. but also i am intensely aware of my heartbeat at bedtime (i am a bit of a hypochondriac by the way lol :eek: ) it feels like its beating in my throat.. most disconcerting :(

an interesting thing i've noticed is that i dont even like any of the words associated with smoking anymore (cigs fags etc) i think i'm going to be one of THOSE non smokers ha ha!!!

sorry ramble.....

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I'm new as well, hi there. I'm on day 6 and finding it not too bad so far. But I've felt this way before on quits and for some reason just cave in, usualy around week 2. Here's hoping my willpower is better this time. I want to do this!!

I too am keeping away from alcohol for a couple of months, might even try and hold off till Christmas. Hopefuly the worst will be over by then and I wont feel like a smoke when I take that drink.

I don't get the heartbeat thing, but have been lightheaded a few times in the past days. I also get stressed easier I find. But I'm sure it will all get better in time if we keep going.

Best of luck.


hi... i will be cutting right back on wine too, cuz last year i tried a quit and failed due to "social smoking".. :( of course i now believe there is no such thing as social smoking, its actually the most anti social thing in the world.

i hope i dont drop off the wagon again! i am determined i will not fail. i am sick of failing! lol .. i have actually found that i dont really want a drink like i used to anyway... i was at a barbeque yesterday and after 3 small glasses of carver i was nearly falling asleep so i switched to tea! and despite others smoking i didnt want one! :) good luck to us! day 6 for me now too!


I used to get the shakes and heightened awareness of my own heartbeat at night and was advised to cut out all caffeine drinks which has helped immensely; apparently the buzz off caffeine is made even worse after stopping the nicotine hit.

Infact I've cut out all stimulants including alcohol and started drinking decaffeinated tea and coffee to help. In the first few days I heard that your blood sugar levels drop so I'm trying to drink plenty of fruit juice as well.

I hear people who have stopped smoking saying that they always hated the taste and smell and find it anti-social when other people smoke but sometimes I think we tell ourselves that just to try and feel better. I may be going out on a limb here, but I actually enjoyed smoking (especially the one with a pint or after a meal) and that sweet smell of tobacco, and telling myself that I didn't only makes things worse; It is the coughing and wheezing and damage to my body that is the reason I am quitting.

I forgot to mention that I'm on day 4 of my zillionth attempt to stop smoking so who am I to ramble on or give advice? :D


I've never found caffeine to be a problem, just never thought about it I guess. I don't realy like coffee, but am a bit of a tea drinker. Which I think is good as it cleans out the system, tea always makes me run for a pee.

Alcohol does that too of course, but it also lowers any inhibitions and I can't trust myself not to say 'stuff it, a ciggie wont do me harm, I'll stop again tomorrow'

I have a quiet determination just now, I just hope it lasts. As I said I usualy fail in the 2-3 week stage. Hopefuly with joining up here I might get some advice when I hit those bad phases.

Three hours till day 7, yay me!!


Good Evening to all of you, as you all seem to be fairly new to the site I would like to welcome you to the forum and I hope it helps you as much as its helped me to quit and stay quit.

There are a few of us that have suffered with a little more anxiety than we did before we stopped, and some say that they have had the palpitations as well, I think it’s that we are not smoking and therefore aware of our body functions a lot more than we were before we quit.

Have a word with your Doc or Nurse as worrying about it will definitely make it worse and they will put your mind at rest which is half the battle.

I also cut out all cafine and still dont drink it now at all, I only have the odd glass of wine now as well.

Good luck all of you and keep posting.


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