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Another blip- help!

I gave in again! Last Friday my husband went out for the night and I went to see a friend. This is the same friend that I took a fag off two weeks ago.

So I ended up asking her for one again and I smoked two. The strange thing is I really don't want to smoke again, so why do I keep doing this to myself??? Its now 5 days later and I have not had another one, but I have felt the cravings & irritability getting worse. I'm just making it more difficult for myself

So I have now decided, I will not do this to myself anymore. Its is not the giving up smoking that gives me the withdrawl, it is the fag. If I have another I have two options. 1. Make my withdrawl worse for a couple of weeks 2. Give in to those cravings and keep smoking on the hour for the rest of my life. NO MORE!!!!

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Hi Tray,

as long as you get back on track (like you have) then dont worry, just put it down to experience and move on.

Maybe it would be worth avoiding this particular friend for a few weeks, or maybe explain to her/him how much the quit means to you and ask him/her not to give you any ciggies even if you ask?


Hi. I agree with Claire. Avoid the friend I say. Smokers always like to give cigs to people trying to quit. That makes them feel less guilty and bad about being a smoker themselves.

Get yourself comfortable in your skin and then ease yourself back into their company gently. Even after 19 months I still take it easy with drinking when I am amongst smokers until I feel I have a handle on it. Quitting does get easier, but being vigilant is a very important habit you need to maintain.


I am of the same opinion as Claire and Tray, each time that you meet this so called friend and she/he gives you cigs its not to be kind to you it’s to keep you in the same position she is in i.e. an addict to nicotine and while you keep having the odd one it’s what you will always be, say NO in your head when you think about asking her and if that is not possible then I’m afraid this is one friend you cannot see till you are stronger, we all feel vulnerable at the start and like you have been told, tell her how you feel and trust me a good friend will NOT give you even one puff, let alone give you full ciggies, you be strong for your own sake and we are all here for you.


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