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Fags vs Me, Max Kirsten, Allan Carr & Andrew Johnson

Well here I am at day 3 and I must admit I'm not feeling too bad; the cravings come and go but I'm managing to get over them by relaxing, telling myself that it will only last a few seconds and then breathing in and out long and deep x 3.

I read that it takes 3 days for the nicotine to leave your system and also that your blood sugar levels may drop because of this, causing the nervous shakes, jitters etc that I seem to get whenever I have stopped in the past; i've therefore decided to drink lots of orange juice and eat plenty of fruit which seems to be working.

One addition to my arsenal of tools to beat the smoking habit is another iPhone application. It's another hypnotherapy app, from Andrew Johnson, which I will be listening to before I goto sleep.

Hope michellebise67 and hopethistime are still smoke free

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Good arming yourself to the max with quit helpers!!

Well done on getting here, brilliant work with educating yourself! Keep on posting and reinforcing what you've learnt.

Well done and look forward to seeing you post on day 4!


Hi there,

Yep still smoke free here, have had a couple of fairly bad-ish craves but not caved into them, long may it continue!

Alll the best and see you in Day 4-7!!!!:)



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