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No Smoking Day
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still posting

Just rambling on next week I have to go into hospital for a rooth narve injection into my lower spine,now the doctor said I will lose the power in my legs so I will be coming home in a wheel chair,now I have a 6 year old son starting first class and I am so proud of him just what he will feel when he see his dad can not even walk or play ball when he comes from school on his first day back I guss I will only be in the way around the house it a hard one to call and on top of this I have emphysens from smoking,I am on a lot of pain killers and other meds for my spine decay smoking was all I did ,now If i can stop I hope this post helps somebody they say that there is a sort of pain killer in cigs I HOPE i HAVE NOT up set anybody ,I could nrver play foot ball any way you all have my love:(Jimbo

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