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No Smoking Day
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Smoke free holiday!


Got back a couple of days again from my first smoke free summer holiday! Have to say am feeling very chuffed. The first few days were a bit difficult and then after a week my middle daughter hurt herself and had to go to hospital (she is ok now), and I did nearly cave in, but didn't.

As some of you are aware I scared myself half to death just before I went, I want to thank you all for your messages of support and as most of you pointed out it has turned out to be nothing to worry about.

So now back to the washing and the ironing (oh the post holiday joys) and hopefully once the kids go back to school I will have a little more time to get back to the forum and start doing some more supporting.

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ooh bev:) thank goodness . and what an awful time you have endured .


That is -well cant think of word . shakes head xx

so pleased you are well. Bet doing the laundry was never sweeter xx

strong lady -and we are proud .:)


Well done Bev, what a star you are !!

If you can get through the stressful times, surely the easier it will get.....you should be soooo proud of yourself and an inspiration to others x


Good for you and well done! Hope the holiday was lovely too. :) Oh and good news health wise.


Welcome home Bev, and well done.


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