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Day 1 and all the wiser



Feel really gutted to be back on day one. However, when I wake up I will be on day 2. The first 3 days surely have to be easier this time round because apart from a blip yesterday I had been smoke free for 3 weeks? I know that when I am drinking that my will power just goes, so going easy on the ale too.

Well better luck this time


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Hi Becky,

it doesnt matter that you are back on day one, it matters that you immediately decided to quit again! WELL DONE!

Also, you have now learnt lessons that will help you in your new quit.

I know the people/places/situations that trigger me and am avoiding them until i feel 100% sure that i can cope without a ciggie (getting there now, but still not 100%).

Dont beat yourself up about it, just accept it and move on.

Good luck!

Hi Becky

what i would say to you its your choice if you are happy to go back to day one then you do that but if you feel it might make you lose your quit going back then dont.. it is hard putting yourself back i know ive done it and it did not make my quit any easier so its up to you... just stay smokefree thats all that matters..


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