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Hard to believe

Hi guys

Just wanted to say that I have been smoke free for 6 months. I am managing to get through the day without a cig - I never would have thought I could do it! When I smoked, I honestly believed that I needed to smoke to cope with things in my day to day life and I am pleased to report to those of you who are just starting out that you don't :eek:

This forum is the best thing ever to alleviate stress - just get typing :D

Thanks to everyone and stay strong.

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Wooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo 6 Months and still going strong well done you for sticking it out, have a great time in Brisbane and regards to your Mum xx



Thanks Jamangie

8 months for you - now that is impressive - keep on showing us how it is done :D


You are running now

Hi Steph, Well done on the 6 month quit and I can agree with your comments, I can only say that you are now running towards the penthouse. So up and onwards Girl.

Give me a toot on the horn as you cross the Forth road bridge heading for the "Ferry"



Hi Steph

Huge belated congrats on your six months :D

How's your mum doing these days?



Well done and massive congratulations on 6 months quit. Its all downhill from here!

And I agree about this forum - without it I woudl never have got to where I am.

Best wishes for the next 6 months and into the Penthouse.




wtg are doing so well


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