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Day 3 - Woohoo

Hi All

After a depressing day yesterday, I don't feel as bad today.

However, I have no concentration and am developing a sore throat. This is probably all the rubbish coming out I think!

Time is going so slowly it's horrible but feel glad that I'm on Day 3 and not Day 1. This bit makes me happy.

Will report in tomorrow so goodbye from a sunny Oz today!:)



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Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, I dont know what time of day it is there so will cover all options LOL pleased you have managed to quit and stayed quit for 3 days, it will not be long before you hit the week and then the time will fly by.

In my sig is a link to a site that advocates water and I quit like you CT and drank loads of water and I really think it helped, and of course its free(sort of) keep posting and letting us know whats happening over there for you.


Well done on day 3 lighters!!!

The time will start to pass a bit quicker, dont worry!


Hi lou

day 3 done now..into day 4 ..well done. your first week will be done before you know it :)


Thanks Guys - yesterday was my worst day I think so far (I know it's only been 3 days) and last night I lay in my bed like a drug addict and couldn't stop fidgeting etc.

Today is a new day and definitely hasn't been as bad. My concentration is still poor and I keep drifting off when people are talking to me but the pangs aren't as bad.

I'm trying to drink more water and it is helping. I've cut down on my morning coffee supply as well just to help a little as well.

Onwards and upwards to Day 4 now!


Day 3 for me too


Its my day 3 today too. Not much of the day has gone mind as its only 10.30 in the morning but hey ho. The sleeplessness has crept back in like it did when I gave up last month, i know it passes within a few days but its annoying laying there wide awake next to snoring hubby.

I have not told anyone other than my close family this time and I am so glad that hubby is off the next few days for the bank holiday.



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