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Feeling Sick

I have spent the last two days suffering with a sickness bug. I spent a good 17 hours vomiting almost non stop. It was awful. It made me think. This is what people go through for months and months when they have to have Chemopherapy. This can't be anywhere near the pain someone suffers when they are dying from withdrawl really that bad? I know which one I would rather be suffering from.

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What a fantastic way of thinking of it Tray!

You are so right!


Morning Tray, sorry you are feeling sick and I hope by today that you are starting to feel better; maybe it is also to do with the withdrawal as some people do feel icky for a few days.

Yes the treatment for any cancer is obviously not pleasant, and I hope as we have all on this site decided to quit smoking that we do not have to experience it first hand, I know watching my Mother and a couple of friends go through it and still die that I need to stay quit for the rest of my life and I hope you also can continue your quit and live a far healthier life and a far longer one as well.


Thank you Jamangie & Claire...

... but Jamangie believe me this was nothing to do with the quit. It was the Norovirus. Stopping smoking does not make you as sick as this nasty little virus. I know withdrawl is tough, I am going through it myself but I do think we sometimes need to put things in perspective. Yes I've had a sore throught, a cough, felt tired, felt anxious, and yes I've really craved....but come on is any of that really that bad? When you compare is to how ill I have felt over the last two days, it really dosn't feel like it.

I'm not trying to belittle the efforts that you are all making. Believe me I feel it myself. But I have just found that thinking about things in this way has helped me a bit further down the path of freedom :)


Hope you are feeling better and wasn’t trying to belittle your bug, just that some people are violently sick when they quit, but if it is going round where you live then you can be sure it’s a bug, never know it might be good as it might be taking your mind off the quit, you can’t smoke and be sick can you

Make sure you keep you hydration up as quitting can make you dehydrated as well as the sickly bug.

Take care of yourself.


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