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Feeling dreadful

Hi Guys,

the good news is that I haven't had any cigs, however, I feel dreadful. This has been going on for a week now and I am confused. Is it quitting symptons or a chest infection? As a smoker I had numerous chest infections and I feel like I have one however, in the past the gunk has been green/brown to indicate an infection and at the moment it is reasonably clear.

But boy do I feel run down and this constant hacking cough, bunged up nose, forever blowing it and my head feels like it is going to explode. My son is coughing and very snotty too so wondering if there is something going around. Going to the docs tomorrow. Getting a bit paranoid though because I had a course of antibiotics about 6 weeks ago for a chest infection surely I can't have another!

Sorry for the rant, just want to feel normal again.


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Hi Becky,

Hope you don't mind me replying as I'm not in your room however I do know there's definately something going around as my hubby has been ill for almost 3 weeks with a bad cough & cold, my daughter is coughing her head off and I know loads of people recently diagnosed with chest infections so make sure you get those docs to take a good listen to you!



Hi Becky,

Congrats for not smoking and sorry you are feeling so lousy!

Your problems do sound quite symptomatic of the quit, however it is always hard to tell, I have just had a horrendous flu type bug and run downess, yet no one else has had it, so could it still be the quit? hmmmmm...........I have also heard somewhere that when you quit the 'gunk' you describe does become clear!

Embarassingly when I quit I never did get a cough or any of the coughing up stuff people describe, however my son had a horrible cough and so did my poor dog...........I presume they were to do with clearing out passive smoke or something like that, what a horrible thought!

I'm sure you will be back to your normal self soon, quitting sure does throw some nasty ailments and symptoms at us but it all comes good in the end and you will feel amazing!

Keep going and good luck,

Shelly :D


Hi becky awh love ..i like shelly havent coughed anything up to this day...the odd bit of flem with a cold....but no smoking related cough stuff..But its very normal i believe.....and im a bit bothered i havent yet..

Could be somthing going around.....Hopes your feeling better soon & thank god you dont smoke anymore :) well done matey..:)


Feeling a bit better.

Thanks guys for your help and advice.

Felt slightly better today even though I had a really lazy day and had a lunchtime nap when my son fell asleep. I work in a school so I am off which is just aswell with my lack of energy and temperament at the minute. At the beginning of the 6 week holidays I went to Spain for 2 weeks and had a bit of a blow out knowing that I was going to quit when I got back. The reason I decided to quit then is because I thought I would get the majority of the withdrawals out of the way before returning to work. I realise that I am a lucky person to have this time out and I totally take my hat off to people who quit whilst working aswell. Not sure if I could do it? Definately going to the docs tomorrow to be on the safe side anyway.

Well 3 weeks on Wednesday, Woo hoo!

Keep up the good work everyone, I'll let you know the outcome of the doc's appointment.



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