No Smoking Day
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Day 2

Well that's day 2 nearly put to bed and still smoke-free.

Feeling quite proud of myself and so far it's been much easier than anticipated. Still had quite a few cravings but just stuck a sweet in my mouth and forgot about it. Bought actimel as recommended by someone on here and I don't feel sick after my Champix tablet any more.

Eating and drinking loads more than usual and enjoying it more as well.

My dreams are weird tho but kind of funny too.

Roll on day 3 ;)

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By tommorrow night you will be nicco free, you should be proud of yourself and realise that this is the start of a much healthier life.

I went CT but still had the strange wierd funny dreams which went on for about a month on and off.

I also ate more in fact I ate loads more and put a bit of weight on but its gone now and I look better for the little bit I have kept on so dont worry about a bit of pud, better a plumper non smoker than a skinny smoker.


Well done Mark

I miss those dreams. :rolleyes:

Congrats on the 2nd day, and enjoy the food and drink now you're starting to taste it more!!!


Roll on day 3..........


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