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No Smoking Day
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Just a thought

The stats say 100 million died from smoking in the 20th century and they predict over a billion will die from smoking in the 21st century.

I know that these shock tactics don't help us quit but does anyone else think that it simply STINKS!

Billions of pounds will be made by the tabacco companies by creating more and more nicotine addicts with the outlook that they will kill more people than just about all the wars ever fought.

So if you ever get tempted to light a cigarette that we have been brainwashed to think we "enjoy". Just think that you are funding the big fat bonuses of the top dogs of the tobacco industry who don't give a s#it that billions of lives will be ruined. Cha ching!!! SHOW THEM THE MONEY! There big smiling faces should be printed on the cig packets. That would stop people buying...

Just a thought, maybe a rant :)

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