50 days today!

Whoo hoo!! 50 days today ~ starting on 8 weeks!

Just amazing!

I still get the sudden urge for a smoke - - but, it doesn't last very long - - I am still drinking lots of water and I've finally slowed down my chocolate consumption - I'm yet to experience the sparkling shine to my complexion as I think all the junk food I was eating didn't do any wonders in that department! (my complexion is actually worse!) Luckily, I haven't gained any weight! :eek:

Things with my life have simmered down - - almost back to normal .... I think so far week four was the worst for me.... that's when I was totally insane... and almost changed my entire life... my advice to anyone in the first couple of weeks is to really remember that you are coming off a drug - and you need to be kind to yourself... don't do anything rash with your life as if you are feeling like you are going crazy and your world is upside down.... my opinion is that it's 99.9% because you are withdrawing from the poison your body became accustomed too! Just take it easy on yourself and remember TIME is the greatest healer.

I have finally treated myself to a gift... bought myself a Sam's Club membership! (exciting news since I'm living in a small Mexican village at the moment, when in the best of times we have a hard enough time trying to get consistent water pressure and electricity flowing!!) Thank goodness the next largest town has a Sam's for a monthly visit!!

Good luck to everyone with their quits!



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  • whoo hoo indeed sylvia ...well done on your 50 days..so impressed & what a lovely post to read all about ...Heres to many many more smokefree days :)

  • Thanks KitKat!

    It's always a pleasure to hear from you! What a great support you are to everyone on this forum!

    Big big hugs to you


  • Thanks KitKat!

    It's always a pleasure to hear from you! What a great support you are to everyone on this forum!

    Big big hugs to you


    awh thanks sylvia,...means a lot that does :) big hugs to you too my matey

  • Congrats on your day 50 Sylvia. That is a great quit you have going there but don't let your guard down will you? I'm on day 71... 3 weeks ahead of you but the last few days have been pretty hard on me. I've been hit with an empty feeling which is hard to shake off, i feel like my body wants to smoke but at the same time my mind does not. Not a very pleasant feeling.

    We are addicts and as you say, we are coming down slowly from this drug addiction. It takes time and you can't take a second of it for granted but it does get easier.

    Be proud of yourself. You are doing great! :)

  • Hiya James!

    Thanks for this. I was just thinking the exact same thing! I honestly really appreciate the reminder!

    Yesterday now seems like miles away.... too far away to be honest.... very confident with my quit and things were going along "swimingly" and all of a sudden I want a smoke really badly! Who should I listen to? The devil or the angel?

    I guess that's the important thing to remember.. who do we chose to listen too ... we always have a choice ~ You have to decide.

    Everyone has different factors that pull that trigger - maybe it wasn't such a great day at work....or, maybe it was an unusual amount of alcohol you drank that day after a bad day at work.. and maybe you don't drink much anymore since your quit and that triggered it - who really knows -but, just make the choice to stay quit... and not smoke that cigarette...

    That's my choice tonight.

    Good luck everyone... it's a journey and a half, but the good days definitely out number the bad days.. and well, let's remember that good'ol saying... without the bad how can we really appreciate the good?

    so, cheers to that one tonight!

    Good night to all!

    Thanks for listening. ;)


  • Well there's one thing i am lucky about and that is i don't want to smoke when i'm drinking alcohol. In fact i sat at a bar the other day with two friends who chain smoked their way through the afternoon. Never once felt like i needed to join them. In fact one of them mentioned that i was missing out on the smokes... i told him i didn't feel like i was missing out on anything!

    One thing though. I seem to get drunk quicker than i used to. Or maybe that is in all in the mind. :D

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