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What's going on??

OK so four months in and you'd think I be chuffed to bits but to be honest I'm feeling a bit nonplussed about it all at the mo. Can't seem to shake off this low feeling :(

Taking my vitamins, exercising, spending more time on me than I ever did as a smoker and still feel flat. I know that a ciggie won't change anything and it certainly won't make me feel any better but the thought that I'd like one keeps springing into my head - I don't need one and my sensible voice keeps telling me that but to just be able to sit on the back step with a mug of tea and a fag would be heaven :eek:

I'm a virgo and enjoy my order and routine and this whole feeling out of control is alien to me and I don't like it. I was feeling so strong and positive and really don't know what's changed so what's going on??? Is this it - life as a non-smoker :confused:

Grumble over - promise :)

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Hi Pookie

What you are describing seems pretty familiar on here around that 4 month mark. After getting through the dreaded month 3 month 4 is a bit of a let down, or at least it was for me and a lot of my quit group.

Feelings that it will never get any better and is this how it will be from now on will end I promise. The corner seems to come around the 5 month mark and trust me it really does start to feel loads better....

Its the non-smoker life again....are you still living your smoker life but without cigs....if you are then you will miss the cigs, it is only natural. Try some changes, don't need to be massive but life as a non smoker will be different, but you need to make those changes....if that makes sense. It worked for me..

Stick in there, 4 months is great and you are so so close to the breakthough. When it come my love it is so so worth it.

You are a star on keep smiling

L xxx


Oh Pookie I 'm quite shocked to read this, dont know why just always imagined you sitting at a PC with a smile on your face!! :)

At the turn of every month I felt like this too, and no lie but month 4 was absolute hell! Think theres a post of mine somewhere grumbling about 4 months!

You take the vits, you exercise and you think positive thoughts but still you feel low!! It is just par for the course and the guarantee is that anytime soon you will be back to happy, cycling, smiling Pookie ok!!

My smokey demon still invites me to the (smoking stool) I left in the garden too! I miss that 5 minutes to escape with a cig!! But now make my tea so strong my head buzzes and I really dont think that much about it anymore!

Ignore your virgo instincts and go with the flow, no order or routine, just every day doing something fun or exciting to take your mind off having a smoke!!

Chin up Pooks you'll soon feel better :D


Hello Pookie:)

been a pondering again -and dont feel I can give advice really cos I am behind you. But I think Lorna is spot on in her insight

we are new people now Pookie :) and a bit like a square peg in a round hole now-I believe we have to change our perceptions on how we were and lived with the cigs .

but the exciting thing is -we can become these newer healthier ,fitter people .

our essence wont change -but our lives are going to be so enriched from now on.

oak trees from little acorns grow xxxxx

takes time -a lot of time I guess . but we are changing all of us .

and it keeps me going Pooks .

I so didnt like the old smoking me .

you are doing fabulously . keep going lass xxxxx


Thanks guys - still laughing at your mental picture of me Shelly - grinning like a loon at my pooter :)

I'd read some posts which were around the four month mark and thought 'thank god I don't feel like that' that'll teach me - this is horrible and kinda snuck up on me which makes it worse. Haven't had time to prepare for this one - the thought of feeling like this for a while isn't helping either.

I'd tried to change my life - to do different things - jeez I've taken up cycling and bought an array of leggings :o started my little veggie patch - we even bought a picnic rucksack with a view to cycling off somewhere at the weekends.

Lorna, Chrissie, Shelly & Sky - you've all given me food for thought and I thank you for that. Gonna hang in there and ride this one out - us virgo's can be right stubborn so an so's ;)


Glad we could help keep smiling OK?!?!



Hi Pooks

Ooh the back step with a fag and cuppa :D something quite peaceful about it i know but so not worth it hey. I have up and down moments too, funny because i hear people say how great they feel initially but i wonder if the novelty wears off if you know what i mean.

My rising sign is Virgo and there IS something about them and Purity and perfection but the down side is over thinking things...haha yes defo do that one! Stay strong and i'm sure this feeling will pass, go and cuddle your oh or something!!! :) Try not to let it get to you too much, i ignore any smoking thoughts if they come up.


Thanks Angel - definately over thinking at the mo - wish I could just relax into it but it goes against the grain :o

Shelly - where did you get my pic from :D


Virgos have a lively mind that can also be reliable, methodical, efficient, health conscious and wholesome. :D

(yeah i like my stars ):D



You have just spent four months breaking the habit of almost a lifetime ...your body is conditioned to get up smoke, eat smoke, go to work smoke, come home from work smoke, sit down with a brew smoke ...almost everything you did four months ago involved smoking before and after ............. now you have broken that habit your lost and can't put your finger on it .......... you have more time to sit and feel sory for yourself because of a loss of an old friend will pass you just have to realise what it is your are missing then think well thank god i am missing them and fill that void with something healthy and positive ....your doing fine, natural to think like you are doing at the moment ........ couple of more months you will never look back ..... .. hang in there and thank christ it is summer and at least you can get out on Daisy ...if it was winter now theres a miserable thought sat in the house feeling bored and sorry for yourself ... nothing worse ..... :)


Thanks Mr B - you're right and it still makes me choke to say that :D

I do feel lost and out of sorts but I'll carry on - won't give in now as I've come too far. Feeling a tad stronger today and a little more focused so onwards and upwards :)



I gather 4 months is a bit of a sticking point for a lot of people or so they told me when I got there!!

I'm now at 5 months and yes, at 4 months was feeling exactly the same...and so, so tired and lacking in any motivation at all. It has got better, marginally...and people say that at 6 months it starts to feel even better - so that's what I'm aiming for...keep your chin up, I'm sure it will get better xxx


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