Holiday Season-Message of encouragement

I have just had my first proper holiday, on a cruise, and thought this was going to be tough..well I can honestly say I did not fancy a cigarette once. Despite having to spend a day in bed due to hurting my back.

And thinking about it, it was so much better, no wandering off for a cigarette, no stressing at the airport sucking on 5 cigarettes and waiting hours for the next one..I have given up nearly 9 months and think this is my last hurdle, I think the best thing Ive ever done is give up, not feeling like a prisoner..It has had its hard times but think this has proved to myself its best thing ive done.

I hope others read this and dont give up giving up, it really is worth it....

Ive had tough times with it but glad to have stuck at it

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  • Hi maidenfan sound so positive at 9 months..thanks for sharing :)

  • Maidenfan

    Its great isn't it. Holidays were my big worry early on. But then when you get to the airport and can wander around and have a bite to eat and a drink without having to go all the way back out for a cig. And the plane journey is a revelation.

    Just wish I was on holiday more! HA!

  • Maidenfan

    . And the plane journey is a revelation.

    Just wish I was on holiday more! HA!

    Shame they cant ban the screaming kids that kick the back of your seat though:eek:

  • Holidays were always my fear but I have also just done my first as a non smoker and here I am still a non smoker, had to laugh about the kids though and like we have to be generous to others that continue to smoke as we were smokers we have to be lenient with kids as we were also once one of those.

    It’s a pain I know as we went somewhere we didn’t expect any and there were loads :D , maybe you can go on an adults only Hol next time :D

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