No Smoking Day
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Thank you & me so far

I'm now 14 days (still a new quitter)

But can I say that this forum I'd supeb. I am lucky enough to have access to this forum all day and this has been a great support.

For those one day 1. Go for it!!!

if you have an iPhone there is a great nhs stop smoking app. It's free and keeps track of time since last cigarette and how much cash you've saved.

Quittings not easy. But trust me , for me after day 5 things started to get better.

I did not realise that quitting would play havoc with my sleeping pattern and my 'toilet times'. I've had the light headed feeling, wanted to eat my way out the fridge.

But now on day 14 and feel much better. I honestly have much more energy, breathing is better in my mind.

Don't get me wrong I still fancy a cigarette but the 'cravings' are now few and far between.

I hope this help the 'new' non-smokers.

Honestly go for it!

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Welcome and a big well done on your 2 weeks quit.

'Eat your way out of the fridge' that made me laugh - think we've all felt that one :)

Stay strong and keep posting - be good to hear how you're doing!


hi bjm

well done on your 2 weeks ....your sound happy & positive, which is lovely to hear

going into week 3 tmorrow..good luck to yer :)


Day 28 now. 1 month smoke free.

Wow.. I never thought I'd do it.

Everything great. Fancy a cigarette now an again but that's ok. I know it'll be a long time for that to go.

Honestly day 1ers you can do it!!!

Edit - I now see the people outside in the wind and the rain and I'm happy that I don't do that no more. Still early days

I took it hour by hour for the first week. Kept logging on here.

Next thing you know you start to feel happier.


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