No Smoking Day
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21 days

So that's 3 weeks for me... YAY. Just to say thank you to everyone in this forum for sharing your experiences.

Reviewing my excessive use of smilies on the forum reveals that the champix (now 6 days off that too) really plays with the emotions, or is it just the layers of nicotine falling from my lungs and leaving me bare to the world.

Who cares I don't smoke :D

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Hi Pedru

Huge, big well done to you - almost a month under your belt :)

Now I'm off to review your smilie usage over the past 21 days :D


haha you're everywhere ;)


Stalker - that's the correct term :p


well done Pedru, are you now going to tackle the addiction to smilies :D


Is there a smiley anonymous? 'hello, my name is bella and I'm a ;) addict' :o Lucky us we don't have access to these not sure forum could survive it..........


well done pedru, 22 days now amazing

:):):):) keep smiling xxxx


@shojam need to at some point but for now I just ride it :D

HI @bellablue13 Yes, I too am glad those don't work here :p... was that the devil farting :( and "what do you mean purple?" means?

@kitkat72 thanks,I'll do my best :)

and I just found out that the maximum you an use per post is 5 smilies/images Ah well :-) :~) :~):~):~):~)


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