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No Smoking Day
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Hi eveyone,

I quit on june 14th 2010, Im using champix and they seem to be working for me. My problem is tiredness too, and i have no get up and go anymore. When i first quit i had loads of energy now im even resetting my alarm in the morning to get a few more mins of zzzzzzzz. I also want to eat constatly which of course is upsetting my stomache too tell me anyone when does this start to get better??:confused:

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Week 3 can be challenging still, so hang in there, your body will get back to normal soon. Read around on the forum a bit.... it will help you understand what you're going through and why. Welcome to the forum and well done on your 2 weeks quit so far!


Well I hate to tell you, but maybe not just yet!!

I was the same (quit back on 12 March - so am 3 1/2 months in) - had loads of energy when I quit, even was a bit hyper...then it went downhill!!

I was sooo tired all the time - felt absolutely dreadful...but came on here and picked up a few tips from people like drinking plenty of water and I'm a bit into fruit at the moment. Have to say I don't feel quit so bad as I did, but still lacking in the energy....

From what I have read on here, things start to pick up again in month 4 -5, but as you probably know we are all different and all seem to experience these things at different times.




Hi Hellraiser and welcome

For the first couple of weeks I felt hyper then spent a good 3-4 weeks permanently tired and felt I could have slept 24 hours if I'd been allowed. It does pass as does the eating :) You're doing really well so stay strong.


Good to know we are all saying the same thing!!!:)


Oooh, forgot to say...my eating seems to have evened out a bit now too...not quite craving everything in sight these days!



cannot comment on Champix - but overwhelming exhaustion seems to be a common thread on here while we get our bodies back to non smoking state.

it will get better I promise . just go with it, drink lots of water and get out for some exercise every day .

you are not alone -read through the threads on this forum. it so helps.

I am sure someone with experience of champix will be along soon.

just no matter what we use -or go cold turkey- our bodies and minds are adjusting big time for the good - but gets a bit weary while it is doing it.:(. that is my take on it :D

good luck on quit and keep talking ;)


yup the mornings are killing me too...well no the cigarettes were killing me but you know what I mean.

I am sure we will get through this. The water and blueberries really worked for me today.

Water water water I think :D


Hi hellraiser ..

i felt at first all i did was eat..it was like i deserved it for not smoking..& would feel sick like you..Without realising i stopped eating as much ....The quit does get better..3 weeks is so good & yet still very early ..Wont be long though ..keep fighting & well done :)


Welcome to the forum, Hellraiser.

The problems with sleeping was/is something we all experienced in our early quits. That's because we are not taking nicotine into our bodies anymore. NRT users seem to have slightly different experiences as a lot report weird dreams. Anyway, that aside, nicotine is a stimulant and our bodies have to get used to operating without it. So in the early quit our sleeping patterns are disrupted and we either feel we could sleep forever or conversely can't sleep at all.

It will pass and that could be a few weeks or a bit longer. Many of us have found that by reading and educating ourselves about the process of stopping it actually does help the quit go easier. Knowledge is power and all that. Have a look at links in many members' signatures and read around this forum too. It's all helpful...well maybe some isn't, such as the spammers links :(

Drink more water and take in more vitamens and that will help a lot to rebalance your body.


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