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After 38 years of smoking and turning 50 this month,,,,I finally did cold turkey on Monday the 21st. Oh my God! I dont even recognize myself,,this has been a tough week and a tough ride!! I had no clue that i could do it! I have tried quitting a 1000 different time and ways and this is whats working. Not one puff, not one smoke , no sneaks!!!! So mind boggling to go through a day with no smokes.....Im still lost,,,,,it an experience all its own and all very challenging to say the least! Will I make it? Absolutely! I havent come this far or done this much not to see the rewards and the payoff of not smoking!!!! Tired of the way it was all dragging me down,,,,smoking is definitely been the hardest addiction that i have had in my life. After 38 years i am done!!!! I pray that I continue the good fight,,,,i dont want to ever smoke again or have to go through this again,

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aw well done Fros, we do surprise ourselves sometimes. It really is amazing what we can do when we really want to. Well done on your quit, keep posting on here, it helps others to read the different experiences :D


Hi Fro, I see you are the same age-ish as me and as you said it is something you have done before but never succeeded in, I hope that this is the last time you will have to do this, I will say this to you, do this quit for you and you only, no matter what happens do not let it stop you, and I can promise you that things that you would normally grab a fag for will happen maybe on a daily basis even, but having a cig will NOT make it un-happen or even put it right, take my word for it make this quit so important that nothing else really comes close, you take care and stay strong and smoke free, read my sig about water it does help xx


well done :D I know how u feel i quit 10 days ago and how different i feel already is unbelievable! I didn't really know how much smoking was dragging me down until i quit! I really admire those who have been smoking a long time yet still manage to quit (especially cold turkey) I have only been smoking 7 and a half years long enough to develop an addiction but nothing compared to 30 or 40 years! Keep at it and u will feel great!! good luck!


A big big well done, just take a day at a time and beore you know it smoking will be a thing of the past and has absolutely no power over you anymore.

fabbo. xx


thank you

:)Thank you eveyone for your positive imput and support. It means a lot to think that others would even care about my being succcessful! Im not even sure this is me,,,,,i cannot believe how focused i am on no more a feeling i might be eating a little more,,,,lol! for whatever reasons i am very greatful that i am smoke free,,,,,,just blown away by it all...I didnt think that i had it in me,,,,,,I will never underestimate myself ever again,,,,,and i will continue to do this one day, one moment at a time,,,


Awesome, I just been through that seem feeling recently and very few things did it like stopping the nicotine!

Wishing many smoke free days :D


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