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relapsed again advice needed

Hi all,

Well as the title says i have started smoking again, i stoped with the help of champix in febuary and they worked amazing.

This time i thought i really had stopped for good i felt i had really turned a corner.

However since stopping the mood swings i experinced were horrible they didnt start at first.

But as soon as i started to reduce the champix my moods changed.

I am by nature abit of a stress head but this was to a whole new level i became very irratated at the smallest things.

And would blow up over nothing, i have had tantrums and just burst out crying.

I have argued alot with my partner, which has put strain on our relationship and even friends and family have been quite snappy and upset them.

On 3 different occasions while in the middle of one of my explosions i have bought i packet of fags.

Each time i have smoked 2 or 3 which were totally horrible and than ripped up the packet.

However last saturday after a day of feeling a right moody cow i thought sod it im having a fag.

Well this time i didnt just have one or two and since have bought 10 every day saying tomorrow i will stop.

So basically i am back to square one, i know it wont take long for me to be back up to 30 aday if i dont stop.

As i have done this before stopped for 6 months then started again and within days smoking more than before.

So i know i need and want to stop but the cravings are bad again i really tried not smoking today but again i have failed. I bought 10 at lunch and i have smoked them but i am not going to shop again for another packet.

What really gets to me is why i think i can just have one and then stop when i havent be able to before.

I am thinking about going back to see my gp next day or so and see if i could try champix again but i am not sure whether i will get it a second time.

Also i really dont know what to do about my mood swings ?

They were getting that bad i thought i might as well smoke if i have to live like this and no thats not an excuse to smoke just explaining how bad i felt with them.I thought at this rate i might not be smoking but people do not want to be around me.

Anyway i am feeling abit sorry for myself so will go now but if anyone could offer any advice that would be great.

Cheers sally

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Hi Hun

This is just a relapse not a failure my love, there are very few on here that are first time quitters further up the boards..

The mood swings coming off Champix are awful, I had a terrible time...starting with 3 full days of wanting to take someone's eye out with a fork (don't ask why but that is what I wanted to do). Then I wanted to walk in front of traffic, then I went deeper and deeper into a depression...probably not Champix to be fair I think that was the quit.

BUT....it did get better, a bit of hilarity on here and some sheer bloody mindedness got me through. Champix does get you through the first few weeks but you do still have to dig deep to get through the next phase. The Doc can help.

Anyway...enough, I just wanted you to know you are not alone and when you are ready you will quit for good...stronger and wiser.

Best of luck and don't be hard on yourself.....xxx


Hi Pumpkin

sorry about your relapse, i can t offer any adviseon Champix as i know nothing about it only whati have read here..... importnant thing is you have come back ere for help and advise which is a great sign of somebody really determined to quit this killer addiction ... i am sure your doctor will give you some more advise and maybe a retery of the champix..... go see what he say's look forward to hearing how you go on... said it before say it again ...you havn't failed you have relasped .. good luck Pumpkin :)


Thanks for your replys,

Well i have spoken to the doc today and they have agreed to give me champix again.

So have started them again, feel very disapointed in myself as i really believed i had given up for good.

But maybe that is were i went wrong?,That i couldnt become hooked again. I think i became too complacent.

I had stopped reading my allen carr book and visiting sites like this so going to make much more of an effort.

I think also i had forgotton all the many reasons why i wanted to give up in the first place. As i had become to feel well again, and one of the main reasons was the bad chest, and coughing up crap but they soon return.

So all i can do is learn from my experience and keep trying one day at a time.



Hi Sally really sorry babe that you are finding it hard to keep your quit going, but remember that we have all been there and we all know it is very hard, doesn’t matter that you keep having a little slip or blip or whatever you want to call it you will get there in the end because deep down you know you want too, otherwise you wouldn’t be on here asking for help you would be sitting at home smoking your head off not even thinking about the site, maybe you should come on the site every day, set yourself a time and then you can use it to reaffirm the reasons you decided to go for the quit in the first place, do a daily blog so u can look back on it and see how u felt.

Bad days are good in a way as without the bad days you wouldn’t know there were good ones.

So just ride them out and know that as time goes on it does get easier I promise.


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