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Day 16 - Going Home

2am here... i have maybe 6 to 8 hours left to work then i'm going home. I'm in Malaysia but i have to cross the border into Singapore later to catch a flight back to Bangkok. I have a busy day.

The airport - this will be strange. Airports for me always used to be the place where i'd run around looking for the place to smoke that last cigarette before flying. Not much places left in Europe to smoke but most asian airports have a box room where 20 chain smokers are crammed into. Been a while since i was in Singapore but i remember they had some smoking rooms behind at least one of the bars.

Bars - My first drink since stopping smoking. Should be OK cause i'll be alone and i'll be at the airport. Once i get home the wife won't let me smoke anyway just going to be weird drinking. I hope i still like beer. :p

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Hi Tao, You get about a bit and make it all sound so exciting and exotic, I would think that not smoking would be better if you are going to fly as you can relax and sleep or whatever you do on a plane, I dont know as Im a plane phobe :D so how long you home for and want we hear from you?? at least your wife will keep you smoke free and happy want she, have a good trip and just try to not think smoke, remember why you quit and think about your mates on here being bored with all the excitement xxx

PS never met a man that didnt like drink after they quit smoking LOL


I generally drink too much and fall asleep on planes. This is just a short 2 hour 20 min flight though, so i'd better start on the doubles before i board if i want to get drunk. :rolleyes:


Giggle giggle I think I would need a bottle whether it was a 2 hours or 2 mins :D dont you like flying either ???? do you get food on the plane ???? and you will say not for 2 hours but I would exspect food LOL xxx


Happy travel plans back home James.

It'll be strange for sure but something good to look back on and appreciate the 'not having' to fit a smoke in before flights.

Have a great time back home and catch you very soon as you enter 1 Month Smoke free.

Pol :)


The sun is shining waiting your return. So if you can manage a drink without a smoke before getting on the plane just think how many drinks you'll be able to manage without a smoke when you are relaxing in the sunshine at home!!!

I also feel very nervous about drinking alcohol without smoking but then I'm practically tee total (apart from that bottle of Pimms I drank in May - IN ONE SITTING!).

Good luck, enjoy the flight, and enjoy your break!!!



Hi james

hope its all going okay for you

day 17 now..Brilliant....Hope the beer tastes nice:)


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