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proud new memeber :D

I have just joined this forum and want to share my experiences so far :D

So I am on day 7 of quitting cold turkey (I quit June 16th 2010 last cigarette smoked at 8:00pm) I am 22 years old and have been smoking for about 7 and a half years. I decided to quit because in may me and my boyfriend (who is a non smoker) went on a lovely holiday to greece (my first holiday in 5 years) i brought about 400 cigarettes back so they kept me going for a while after i got back but when i ran out and had to buy a packet from my local shop i was shocked to see £5.30 for 20!! for some reason thats the first time since i started smoking that i realised how ridiculous it is to actually spend money on cigarettes! i want to save my money and have more amazing holidays and days out with my boyfriend! i had tried to quit a few times before but never gone longer than 36 hours so had come to the conclusion that i couldnt do it alone i planned to go to the doctors the morning after i smoked my last cigarette! i overslept and didnt want to let myself down so thought i'd have one last attempt at cold turkey!

7 Days later here i am :D I am so proud i went out drinking on saturday for my friends birthday and was sure i was gonna end up having at least one cigarette i usually smoke loads when i'm drinking or drunk but i didnt even have a drag even though i was very tempted, very drunk and my friends were blowing smoke in my face deliberately to try and make me give in! i am very proud i resisted every urge somehow!

I have noticed i feel alot more positive and alot calmer since i quit i used to feel like i was on edge or something before but now i feel more relaxed :) my chest feels better already and i feel i can breathe better. I am very excited to be moving onto week 2 tomorrow :D my cravings arent very strong at all but when i do get them strong i think of my holiday or if that doesnt work i think of times i quit before and gave in and how i didnt enjoy that cigarette half as much as i thought i was going to! the worst craving i had was during day 2 and i ended up sitting at my pc for an hour looking at photos from my holiday to remind myself why i'm doing this! well it worked!

would love to hear other peoples experiences! i havent really experienced any withdrawel symptoms except a few pains here and there and my throat being funny but it was a little funny a while before i quit which is another thing that pushed me into quitting for good!

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hello vaughnie

A big welcome to you

A week done & you sound so good with it.... A great postive post to read.:)



I also quit on June 16th but had my last cigarette about 10:30pm, good to see that your getting through without alot of the withdrawal symptoms. I rarely consider having a smoke now and even when i do i feel it would be a shame to have gone through the last week and not have managed to quit. Im just taking each day/craving as it comes now :)

good luck with keeping it going - i have found it good just to read on this forum while your craving passes as they really don't last very long


Hey Vaughnie

welcome to the forum congratulations on your quit seems to be going along very nicely .... you ashould feel very proud of yourself after your mates blowing smoke in your face and you staying strong so well done you ........ :)


Hi Vaughnie, welcome to the forum it is a great quit sustainer and you will get all the support you need, posting on here is a good way for you to see how we all managed to stay quit.

CT is the way I have chosen and I think for me its been the best choice and it looks like its working for you as well, keep remembering why you have decided to quit and it will keep you motivated and strong, take care and post often.


Hi welcome to the forum. :) Being here will help keep you strong but you sound very strong minded already which is brilliant. Well done for not giving in during tempting times, very brave there indeed. You'll start to nitice a big difference inyour health before long. Keep it up! It's so so worth it.


Welcome and congrats on the quit. Sounds like you are doing everything right, take one day at a time, spend some time reading the links (as well as planning your next holiday) it will help you keep your head in the right place when the craves come along.

Post often and let us all know how it is going.


Thank you everyone for your support :) i'm on day 9 now and just discovering that week 2 is a whole new part of the journey! I'm getting a little frustrated because people don't seem to understand how hard this is for me they assume that because i've managed not to have a cigarette then it must not be that difficult! i've had a few more strong cravings but just used my old tricks and thought of my holiday! Like stuey1 i think it would be a shame to have come his far and put myself through all this to not have quit after it all!


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