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Holy crap... A month already?

I quit for my second time on May 17, 2010, and I have slipped twice...

I had gone to a Sage Francis concert three days or so after my quit date and everyone was standing in a tightly packed line waiting to get in and this guy behind me was having a smoke and blowing it right in my face. After about an hour of it... I gave in, took off my patch for the night and bummed one smoke off of him. It was good, but it made me so sick that I thought I was going to throw up through the whole show. I went home and put a new patch on and that was that.

The patches started making me sick. They would make my arms ache, my stomach squirm and my head pound, so I basically quit using the patch or anything after my first week of quitting smoking. Instead of using Nicotine as a substitute for um... nicotine.. (Wait...) I decided I would just do something else to keep me occupied so I started chewing on Sunflower seeds going on walks when I had a craving.

Just recently I was spending some time with my family for Father's day. My brother and I are very close and we used to always smoke together. It was just one of our bonds. So while he was smoking, I couldn't help myself... I bummed a single drag of his ciggerette. Let me tell you, I thought I was going to die. My lungs just hurt, I couldn't catch my breath and the lingering taste in my mouth was horrible. For the rest of the day, my brother would drive in the car and I haven't even had te slightest craving since Sunday.

So I have made it to one month and five days mostly smoke free. It's a work in progress.

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Dont knock it you are doing brilliant and sometimes the life you lived as a smoker is hard to leave behind but you will I promise, soon you will not want, as you said to scrag a drag from any one and least of all family because you wont want them to see you slip, I cant comment on the patches or any NRT as I went the CT route it worked for me but it doesnt matter how you get there so long as you do.

You will love this forum and all the support you will get will help to keep you focused on your quit, take care and stay strong.


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