No Smoking Day
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So******ing, not a problem

Went to a party Saturday, spent most of the evening outside, there were a few smoking, and not once did I look at them and want a cigarette, or wish I was still smoking. I kind of saw them and was pleased to be out of that habit, the way they huddled together with their mutual smouldering friend!

So, there is light at the end of the tunnel, we just reach it at different speeds.

Lorraine :)

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in agreement lozza ....Well done you matey xxx how good must you feel..i know i did :) xxx


Did you notice the smell as well, I hope and pray that I never smoke again as I never noticed the smell untill I quit and I would hate to have that smell again.

I agree on the huddle, I went hosp today and they were all sat on a bench having a cig but my worst memory was last year a man with a drip attached outside smoking, I was smoking myself at the time and thought how mad is that then looked at myself and thought would I be any better, now I know I would cause I quit.

Well done you for sounding so upbeat and staying smoke free.


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