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4 months and some odd days

Haven't been here in ages, but felt the urge to post. It's been over four months, well off the champix, now just trying to lose the bit of weight I managed to put on since the quit.

I was ill over the weekend, a coughy cold thing, and at some point it struck me how much better the cold is since I have quit smoking. At least I don't have to smoke while I already can't breathe!

I've been much more active, running, tennis, etc, and am really enjoying the active life. I do miss smoking though, and think I always will on some level. The benefits outweigh this though, so all in all I'm thrilled that I've quit.

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Ajikan, 4 months is fantastic and you should be very chuffed with yourself. Don't worry about the occassional thoughts of smoking, they get less and less I promise you. I'm just ahead of you but I really don't ever want for a cigarette any more.

Stick with it, it gets better and better,

Lorraine :)


Hello AJ nice to see you back on to post a fantastic milestone of 4 months and to hear you sounding so up beat into the bargain, its true for maybe a while you will here the little demon on your shoulder say fancy a fag, but you know hes not strong enough now to tempt you so in you go to room four, and I would tell you what to say to him but would get banned :D well done you and stay positive.


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