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Just to say Goodluck!!!

Hi guys

I just wanted to say a big GOODLUCK to everyone starting and those who have already started thier quit I am on day 3 of my fourth week and it has got so so much easier week one and two seemed really hard and there were some really torturous times when I thought I could not do it and I thought it would be like that forever then week three was just this sort of empty feeling and now today hours went by without thinking about having a fag and when the thought did pop into my head I feel quite happy cause it is only then I realise that I havent even thought about it in hours which is a brilliant feeling!!!

I am not niave enough to think I am cured just yet lol all I know is that it is only now - in my fourth week that I am starting to feel like I can really beat this this time and I think the only thing that has got me here is experience I am only 24 have smoked for 12 years and this is about my 20th time trying to quit and this is the longest I have ever lasted every other time I have learnt something new about myself and my addiction - it is true if at first you fail try try try (x20) again and keep trying you will get there it is tedious and boring and exhausting and emotional but that is only at the very early stages just suck it up and go about your business and the day will come when you realise that its been ages since you even thought about smoking and smile cause then you will know you are winning!!!

So best of luck guys.... lots of love and kisses


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Well said/written Kelu.

All sterling advice there. Especially the information about gleaning bits of information from previous quit attempts. It's all used to educate yourself and as I keep bleating on about, education is the key. Have a look at the links in my signature and add more information to help you change from an ex smoker to a non smoker....that last bit is a bit woolly, but you know what I mean.

And well done on day 3 of 4th week...really opening up a gap between when you were a smelly smoker to what you are now.

Cav :)


Education is definately KEY!!! I totally agree with you cav... one of the strange things I have learnt through my own personal experiences is that sad/depressing/scary thoughts trigger cravings as I used to use ciggerettes as a comfort thing amoung others also... I find when I read stories about people dying a horrible death due to smoking related diseases etc it makes me feel sad,depressed and scared all at once and instead of helping me fight to stay quit when I hear these stories I found I just wanted a ciggerette - a bit of comfort or something to help me zone out for a minute... but then once you do have a ciggerette you still have to go and deal with it so now its just a case of getting straight down to bussiness sort out whatever it is and get on with living... d'ya know what I mean lol


For sure Kelu, I think most if not all ex smokers know what you mean. What ever the amount of years we smoked we thought of smoking as our comfort, our best buddy if you like. But that's just wrong. It's not a comfort to slowly poison yourself and tell me what sort of best buddy wishes you to do so.

You're doing real well and accept that you still have some distance to go before you've changed things around to a more healthier you. Whilst you are going from here to there part of the quit is breaking down the old habits and putting in place a new habit...a kind of brain-washing if you like. Each time you say no to a ciggie you are doing that. It will and does get easier.

Enjoy :)


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