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Day 6 - non-smoking beauty

So far so good. Didn’t recognise myself in the mirror today, my complexion is amazing! If a foundation or face cream could do what 6 days of no cigarettes have done – it would be far too expensive for me to afford!

In the office now – feeling at lot more confident (in a petrified kind of way) – I have realised that Allen Carr has really worked on me – I can deal with the cravings – I just don’t seem to trust myself with temptation - but just need to deal with each moment at a time eh! :)

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well done zmc78

day 6 done ...thats brill

i know to u mean wiv complexion getting more spots then ever atm..but the grey tired look sort of goes quite quickly ...i have to agree. A great boost to keep you going

A week done tomoz ...:)


Yep, grey look gone and also less dark circles around eyes for me.

Congrats on the new look ;)


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