No Smoking Day
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Done, hopefully

11th week off the rollups, now off the champix for 4 days too.

Started getting kinda panicky anxiety attacks about 2 weeks ago, I'd had no side affects at all till then, so the nurse decided to start bringing me off them. Tookmy last half tablet last Tuesday.

If I'm honest, I've probably had more cravings since coming off the tablets, not really bad ones but i've clearly been thinking about it more. I know it's going to be a long process but how have other people found this stage off the tabs and tablets?

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Morris cant say as I did it CT and still had tha anx as well so not convinced thats just the tabs loads get it on NRT and CT so maybe its a process we have to go through, I wish I didnt have to keep saying this about the fluids people will start to say I am repeating my self and I dont want that do I but it is respnsible for a lot of the things that happen to us after we quit keep going you will come through the other side I am sure so take care.


I had the anxiety with Champix. Well, it started as anxiety and then sort of plummeted into some kind of fresh hell. Needless to say, I started smoking again.

I didn't have it with this final quit, which was cold turkey. Not a jot of it, to be honest.


Hi Morris

9 weeks quit and 2 days off the champix - was only on half a tab a day and then forgot to take it - realised I didn't feel any different so haven't bothered today. Can't say I've thought about smoking any more - I'd been thinking about it a bit anyways :o I have to agree with Jamangie about the stress/anxiety - I hit that at about a month quit and then it dawned on me that I didn't know how to deal with stress - my usual thing would have been to have a ciggie but I don't smoke anymore :) I think it's just something that happens regardless of how you choose to quit.

Hope you start to feel a bit better soon.


Hey Morris,

Hopefully for you the side effects of the champix will disappear pretty soon as well. I think the cravings will continue for a while - its all psychological now. I'm sure you don't need to be reminded about just how insipid and subtle the nicotine addiction is. As the others have said the worse time is when you're stressed - I think its just a case of learn new ways to cope. Also put the extra money you have to use and enjoy yourself - it'll give you a tangible benefit to having stopped.

Good luck.


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