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Day 10 - bad start but all good now!!


HI Everyone

Thank you for getting me through yesturday! :p

Today started pretty rough my first thing in the morning cravings are really bad.... and im finding it really hard to get up and out of bed...BUT I did get up and make it through the morning and got to work (an hour late cause I was fafin about) I am now feeling really positive and confident about the rest of the day and it seems to have really dawned on me today the total insignificance of actually sucking on the end of a silly white stick like some sort of ritual day in and day out - I am feeling really good about knowing that its like everyone has been telling me that exact thing for such a long time but today is like some sort of revelation and I now understand how rediculous it is - it makes me giggle... I now think of smoking as silly as walking round tesco naked shopping for prunes (dont like prunes) haha I dont see me doing that anytime soon just like like dont see myself smoking oh actually lets make a pact the next time any of us are going to buy a cigg we have to first go to tesco- naked - buy a pack of prunes and then go to the counter and ask for some ciggerettes hahahahaha.... lets face it both acts are as rediculous as each other lol :D:p

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See what you mean, why did we do it for so long?? don’t know the answer I just know it’s good to stop, so well done to you, you will start to feel better soon I promise, and the energy levels will begin to rise the longer you are quit and getting up will be easier than it was when you smoked as you know from the quit you had started.

Can’t see the justification of running round Tesco’s naked and the prunes wouldn’t be a good idea either as there are no public loos in there, are there????

haha thats exactly the point I was trying to make only im not really that good with words but yeah there is no justfying it just like smoking a fag hahaha - did not even think about the public loo necessity in my scenario OH DEAR LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!:D

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