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It is day 2 of week 2 and I did the whole just one to prove something took about four sucks on the end of a ciggy and felt sick and ashamed so threw it away... (dont have a pack stole one of someone else)what do I do!? does this mean I have failed again or do I class this as a blip and carryon

One minute I am telling myself how stupid I am and starting to feel really upset the next I am saying its ok just a mistake everyone makes mistakes but I dont want to go easy on myself either incase it happens again that I get a really weak moment and just give in!!! I dont remember what I was thinking or how it happened it was first thing this morning as soon as it happened and I threw it away I loaded on the patch

I want someone to tell me off but I also want someone to tell me its ok that I am not a complete failure.... is this nuts lol!!!!

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  • Morning Kelu,

    No telling you off and no saying it is OK. No point or honesty in either of those scenarios. It sounds like you tricked yourself, or more accurately your nicotine monster created a loophole for you. Take the feeling of disgust you have with yourself and use it to motivate you into whipping the habit. It's a blip and no reason or excuse to give up the quit. Stare it down and move on with pride.

    I truly hope you can put it behind and continue on Day 9. Good luck buddy.

  • Don't beat yourself up as a wise person from this forum told me and if you look everybody at some point has blipped and if they hadn't there would be no need for this forum. Nobody judges as we all know how hard the fight is and how easy it is to fall into " lets just test ourselves to see if we really have quit".

    Stay strong and focus on what you have achieved.;)

  • Sorry about the tone of my response. Think I was actually talking to myself:o

    The same thing has happened to me so many times before. I think the difference for me this time is experience:o and resolve as opposed to hoping. I read through all your threads and can see you have been really struggling with this monster, pretty much like I have, so I wish you the best honey.

    Lets do it together this time.

  • Hi Kelu, who told you this would be easy ?? They lied :D but having said that you need to look at your reasons for quitting because if they are no longer applicable, then you need to look at them again and change them because you need to have confidence in them.

    Every time you allow the nicco demon to persuade you to take a puff you will weaken and he will grow in strength till eventually you will be convinced you can smoke a whole one and we all know you can’t without dire consequences, so next time he tries to encourage you to steal a cig say NO I don’t smoke and I want to go back down that road and then come on here and use the very best support system you can possibly have, keep focused and you will be ok and it will get easier I promise x

    Also Peter I know it makes you angry but try to substitute the language for another word as if one swears on here it will become the norm and then lowers the tone of a great site, no malice meant in those comments as I fully understand and of course it makes us all mad and I hope you are also having a good quit and getting over your craves.

    Good morning M33et I hope you are well and have and still having a great break and feeling good in your quit x

  • Peter I know your last post wasn't to me but I don't think it sounded harsh it just voices all the feeling and anger we all feel when we fall....I am now entering my second week 2 after I caved in, but I fuzzed up big time not just a couple of puffs it was a full blown packet of 20 blow out!! So it really messed up my hard work in the first week completely. When we write on this forum it is really hard to express our true feelings and emotions as one person will read things one way and another another way.....All I know is we all have the same goal and what ever we post will help someone which is a good thing!! Listen to me rabbling on anyone would think I am reaching my 100 day milestone!! I wish anyway good luck xxx

  • Awww Kelu, I feel for you. Just pick yourself up and dust yourself down. You are trying sooooo hard and that in itself is brill. It's a long road we are walking, some ppl will run along quite nicely, others will have bumps in the road, and then there are the potholes. Don't beat yourself up over it. It's in the past and we addicts live for the moment. So tell yourself I will not smoke this minute/hour/day and leave it at that. :D

  • Hi Kelu,

    I feel for you, annoying isn't it. I hated myself when I blipped, but I think it did me well. I won't blip again, and although I am not 100% sure (as I can't be) I am 99% and that is enough. Hopefully it will just reinforce for you the fact that cigs are nasty and you didnt benefit from the few drags you had, and that they are a waste of time. Don't beat yourself up though, just keep on going you're doing great! :) x

  • Hey guys!! Thank you so much for all your comments - I know that I have been on here before and posted and people have replied but I think this is the first time i have really benefitted - due to my own mind set in the past that is... I dont think my heart was in it but i do feel like like this time is different. Other times I have felt all sorts of emotion but this time I feel physically and emotionnally drained I just don't have it in me to start smoking again and no that I will have to go through this all over again in the near future after sinking into depression cause I have failed again - I think that remembering back to how absolutley horrible it feels to fail and shedding tears and feeling self hatred - that feeling is far worse than getting through any craving for a stupid ciggerette and lasts a hell of alot longer - the fear of feeling that again is now embedded in my mind and scares the crap out of me and I know that the only way to avoid ever feeling like that again is to just NOT SMOKE - simple as that!

    Peter the strength in your language was exactly what I needed to here this morning so I thank you for your honesty.

    Also out of curiosity has anyone actually substituted the ciggerettes for something else or are doing anything different that takes your mind off smoking - some tips for something else to do would be great ;)

  • Hi Kelu,

    I am drinking tons of chilled water. Seems to be helping quite a bit. Just have to run to the loo a heck of a lot:)

  • Hi Kelu

    I haven't physically substituted anything....but i have got the tidiest house in Wiltshire!! But a lot of people on here swear by exercise, going for a walk, drinking ice cold water during a craving. I personally have a new addiction and it is this forum and reading about other peoples experiences, to start with i found it hard as its still smoking related but someone is always here to answer any questions and it helps work through the hard times. And I have found the more I am on here the more I post and sometimes my post has helped someone else by either making them laugh or simply just ranting about a bad day. Sorry if I am now rabbling.....hope you are feeling better:)

  • lots of ice cold water, peeing loads :rolleyes:, lots of lolipops, and when things are a wee bit tough, I get on my bike. Everyone is different, it's trial and error I'm afraid. Give the lollies a try :D

  • Ohhh Lollies I like that idea!!! Thanks guys some great tips xxxx:D

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