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feeling exhausted



Beautiful day outside and I am hanging about like a loppy dog -desperate to feel like gardening or going for a walk-but so, so tired. Almost flu like.

now -could it be related to quitting ? I am only two weeks in the quit, but very focused still. just hate this lethargy - not good for the soul or my weight :(:(

Sorry to be a moan folks . just wondered . Can reconcile myself to it being the toxins leaving - good reason . but not if it is the old black dog coming back

thanks fellow quitters xxx

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Hi Sky I would say that its your quit thats making you feel knackered, go lay in the sun and absorb some vitamin D, are you drinking enough as dehydration was my down fall and still does if I dont drink enough each day, cold water is a good quit keeper and also keeps your electrolyts up.

Sorry you feel abit rough but this will pass I promise, get a bar of dark choccy.

I found that caffine was something I couldnt continue with after quitting but your energy levels will pick up soon.

Take care and hope you feel better soon x


thanks for reply. I reckoned up what I have had to drink today. two coffees , two glasses of tonic [one only with a teeny bit of gin in honest cos I felt like crap] -but no water at all.

always so good at theory me . Didnt think did I ?

I will take your advice wholeheartedly .one cup of coffee in the morning only to just get going. and the pint glass I keep for the gin[only joking truly !!!] -will keep by my side.

I ws so edgy that the blues were hovering-but I realise now I have been dehydrated probably. as a mature lady I glow a lot -wont go into details as I dont want to put any viewers off:D:D

you are a diamond -and all those out there who respond to our worries -thank you xx

Hi Sky,

Sorry you are feeling pooped, but jamangie is right, it is the quit, I can assure you me and my partner were permanently tired for probably 2 weeks, maybe a little more. I dont mean a bit tired, i mean a LOT tired, totally drained. Personally thought it may have been coz ciggies are a stimulant and we were now relying on our own resources to gain energy.

Whatever the cause I GUARANTEE you it goes away, I never thought it would, we were tempted to start smoking again it was that bad but sticking it out is the better option because your rewards are just around the corner!

Sky, were were talking the other day about gardening, today has been an amazing day for me, I overcame what I knew was a big trigger, gardening and I've just popped in from a really busy and productive day (done twice as much as when I smoked). I am so happy I could burst, thought about fags about 3 times, but more of a 'Yea I used to have a fag when I did this, but now Im gonna lie in the sun for 5 mins'. As a family we have had lots of laughs and life as a non smoker really is refreshing and satisfying!

Hang in there, I need my garden buddy around so I can keep that bulldog face off you and turn it into happy smiles like I have right now. I think Ive earned my 1st shandy so see you later xx


thanks for your concern and reassurance. I am relieved I tell you. Have never been Mrs always on the go- too easily led by a newspaper etc!! - but I so wanted to potter today-and felt a bit vulnerable to tell the truth.

I am hugely made up that you were in the garden with the family today -and enjoyed it so much without the evil weed . dead proud I am.

you enjoy your shandy my lovely :):)

still focused me - face will get less like bulldog with all the expensive cream I have promised myself with quit money. No more superdrug --bring on Estee Lauder and all the lies that we are told in the mags.!!

you take care and thanks xx

Hey Sky,

Hope you got through the day ok, just to chip in on the water front, as a smoker I never drunk much water, they didn't taste nice together (I had to have a drink with a fag). So drunk lots of fizzy pop, then beer etc, would end up bloated, knackered etc.......

Anyway had LOTS of water today 2.5 litres and 3 cups of tea, me and OH felt really good, had lots of energy and never got hot and bothered.

Sadly never fit into my denim hot pants I bought before I quit and know my weight is something I have to address but I'll start monday he he!

This is a rocky road Sky and although I never imagine myself smoking again, I'm not complacent and know triggers and obstacles are waiting for me........I am loving the smoke free life though!

Does your hubby smoke? Have you got much support ie children etc?

You are doing fab and you deserve to succeed xx

HI :):):),

Defo dehydrated yesterday-did the pinch thing on the back of my hand and it fair sprang back. so upped the water today [as I blooming knew I should have been doing anyway!!] -and feel so much better.

I sympathise with weight gain , but hey ho - one thing at a time I think .It will come anyway now you feel so much more energy. A boost for all us reading who are waiting for it to kick in.

no my hubby hasnt smoked since the 80s and is so glad I am determined this time.two adult sons who have hated my habit all their teenage years . So ashamed of me -and I still smoked. my most shameful thing as a mum.

this forum is fantastic to come on when a crave hits .just to read and know we are so not alone. and we will do it one way or another .Once we make the move to join a forum like this I believe even if we relapse -that the quit mind is still there . might be a few days or weeks -but we will be back.

onward and upward my pals xx

Hi I hope you have all enjoyed the day of summer we have had how glorious is it.

I really hope you have all kept your water intake up as in this weather you will need more, so keep drinking and as for the cigs dont you find the smell of the trees and flowers is like 10 times stronger mmm lovely.

Hi skylark

I feel like that some days ...not matter how great everything is around me ...i just lack motivation ...feel miserable ..then feel more miserable coz i know i shouldnt be feeling miserable......blame it on the quit always a good reason :D

your doing good btw getting into weeks now ...keep going & keep fighting :)

THANKS kitkat and Jamangie,

good to know that these days just hit -guess it is easy to blame the quit for normal bad days that anyone gets.

but will never get dehydrated again-lesson learned.

Yes the smells of the countryside was very potent today. lots of hawthorn out and bluebells. heavenly :):)

thanks xx

Jamangie, for the first time in my adult life I am smelling trees and plants, amazing isnt it!?

Planted a few climbers last year and I can smell the gorgeous perfumed flowers now, know it sounds sad but I love simple pleasures!

I live in the country and every morning now I open my window, say good morning to the cows, horses and sheep in the distance, breathe in the fantastic country air and feel glad to be alive. Still not keen on cow dung though, that one turns my stomach!

That was a lovely post though, and reminded me of how lucky we are now we have all our senses back xx

Pardon :confused::confused::confused::confused:

I always knew it must be the pepper, soon as someone sprinkles it I suddenly want to sneeze and become utterly exhausted :(..............thanks for clearing that one up for me...........but yes the food was worth it!!!!!! :D

Dehydration can make you tired. So can stress. Clean drinking water or Gatorade-caffinated avoid drinks.

If you feel better in a few days your doctor.

The first weeks after quitting smoking is usually more difficult and it is safe to say that it usually takes at least 8-12 weeks before a person begins to feel comfortable with the life changes a non-smoker. The withdrawal of nicotine, drugs, snuff is characterized by symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, nausea and a greater need to snuff.

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