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There goes the neighbourhood!!

I have just realised I am one year quit today, I haven't posted for a long while because I havn't felt the need to, which I am taking of evidence of success, I really didn't believe that I would remain quit, but with the help of my family and this forum I have only gone and done it.

To the new quitters who may read this, please don't give up on giving up, it gets sooooo much easier the longer you stay clean. Do I still crave nicotine? The honest answer is yes occassionally, but it is a mild desire which soon disappears. Please stay quit so the evil tobacco companies don't profit anymore from peddling their foul product.

Thankyou to everyone on the forum for their advice and support, it really was a god send in those first few months.


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Congratulations, enjoy your special day it is well deserved.



Congratulations End Now on your Penthouse admission hope you enjoy your new place, thanks for all the support you have given to everyone and look forward to joining you fellow year +'s



Hi and congratulations on your year being one year quit, I really hope you will consider coming on now and then to offer support to those further down the road to you, its good to see and hear from the ones who have succeeded in managing a whole year smoke free.

As I said well done and I hope you enjoy the penthousexx


Well done Endsnow , a fantastic achievement and best wishes for remaining smoke free in your second year.:D

Regards Trev



Well done on your 1 year quit, i think you probably started living normally again some time back during your quit, and its nice you came back to punch the air at your 12 months milestone.. be proud.. and keep looking after yourself.

good on you.



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