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Colds and ulcers and sores, oh my!

Howdy, long time lurker, first time poster. :o

Been quit for just over a month now, started on champix which was awesome until it gave me intense chest muscle spasms which resulted in the doc taking it off me. :( Tried a day CT but after nearly killing the OH, the cat and the tortoise I decided to use patches, which are great, might I add :D

Anyhoo since the quit I've suffered from 2 colds, a permanently runny nose, one huge mouth ulcer, and a cold sore.

I thought we were supposed to get healthier when we quit!! Bah guess I just needed to vent. Anyone else suffering like this? :)

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Hi Emoki,

Welcome to the forum & well done on your decision to quit. You will find loads of help & support here.

Shame about the champix but if you are getting on ok with the patches that's all that matters. I couldn't do CT this time & am using patches & lozenges. I don't care how so long as I do :D

Sorry to hear you have been poorly since you quit. Maybe it's just a coincedence & I am sure that you will soon start to feel loads better from your quit once you have got over the colds etc. Perhaps some multi vits would help if you don't already take them?

How long have you been quit for?

Gaynor x


33 days now, hope it gets better :)


Two days into my quit, I got a cold sore. This was closely followed by another three cold sores. One would clear up then another would appear.

For four solid weeks, I had coldsores, one after the other after the other. Sometimes three or four would appear at once. I'm now at 34 days and my last coldsore is healing and no sign of a new one to replace it (touch wood).

Coincidence? I'm not sure. One week into my quit I started on a vitamin regime, so I'm not sure it's that either.


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