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Can You Help Please :)

Hi everyone,

Im on day 5 using Champix & not too sure how its going, was wondering if you guys could share your experiences. I've read so many reviews but everyones seems to have done better by now than I have and just looking for someone who's been in the same boat !! I'll tell you how its gone so far...

so.. Took 1st pill last Friday @ 7.30pm & only had 3 after.(Im 20 - 25 per day) and have been fluxuating between 7 - 3 per day since. The cravings arent bad @ all I thinks its more psychological attachment thats getting to me... Any advice..?? I really really want to stop. Im 22, smoking 10 years, had enough !!!!

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Hi Kiwe

You shouldn't be trying to quit or cut down in your first week. Ideally you pick a quit date in your second week (when you're on the blue tablets) and just aim for that. Some people have no desire to smoke after a few days but we were advised by our stop smoking nurse to smoke for as long as possible.

I carried on smoking up until day 14 and had no urge to stop, they didn't taste funny and I didn't think they'd worked but I just stopped on my quit date and that was it - haven't smoked since :) I'm now on day 14 of not smoking and it's going well.

Just focus on your quit date and try not to stress too much at the moment.

Good luck with your quit.



Don't panic :)


It seems that Champix is an odd one in that it effects different people differently. I'm on Day 14 of Champix and quit on day 9. I did't set a quit dates because on my previous attempts to quit it was having a set date and a set 'last cigarette' that really stressed me out. This time on the tablets I just let the smoking phase out. I don't know if that was the best thing to do but for me it worked. I just found that I couldn't be bothered to smoke and the thought of the taste made me feel really nauseous.

My mum on the other hand smoked as normal (if not more than usual) up to day 11 which she chose as her quit day and that approach worked well for her.

I really think that people's experiences of side effects/ amount smoked per day/ quit date are really individual.

Hope day 5 goes well for you and be proud of yourself that psychological or not you are smoking much much less than normal!

I'm 23 and have smoked for about as long as you so if you ever want some extra support/ to compare experiences on Champix feel free to message!

Good luck xxx



I agree with Andrea and laurajade - we are all different. In my first week of taking Champix I actualy smoked more as I wasn't getting the buzz from smoking - this is normal. I did not quit until day 14 so don't rush and let Champix do some fo the work. You will need willpower but it sure makes the journey a lot easier :)

Stay strong


Thanks !!

Hi Guys :)

Thanks so much for the replies :) they're great. Makes it alot easier knowing its different for everyone! Some people just stop straight away I read and think thats where I felt I was going wrong by still smoking!! Well Im day 7 now and havent had a smoke at all today - now mind you its still early in the day but hoping i can resist !! :D

Well done to all of you on stopping, you must feel great & so proud of yourselves !! I cant wait till I can say the same !!

Kiwe Xx


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