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hi, i started on champix and picked my quit day as 15th feb 2010. but at 1st i was constantly being sick after taking the tabs, but i went back to the cessation clinic and the nurse advised me to try taking the tabs with food. which worked out great! had no side effects at all. so i gave up on my chosen date without a hitch! until 4-5 weeks into quiting, when i started being sick again! so unfortunately i started smoking again because i had to stop the tabs(which has been 2 weeks now)! now i cant stop wanting to be sick all the time and i dont know whats caused this! does anybody have any suggestions? cheers

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Pregnant?? :p

nar, cant see that! lol

and plus id be more careful if that was the case, because it says not to take these whilst pregnant! :)

lol@liam i was going to say that :D

Well it looks like champix effects each person different. iv not had any sickness at all ,but there are are few on here that are on champix that have had sickness,im sure they will come along and give you some advise .

Anyway good luck with the quit you have come to the right place for help .

well good luck jan, i found them brilliant...taking away the cravings an the taste of the ciggies we're absolutely horrible! so if they work for you like they did for me, you'll do fine!

my only concern was why they are now making me feels constantly sick? because once i started taking them with food, i had no problems at all!

lets just hope its a passing phase, and i can get back to being a non smoker! :D xx

Sorry to hear you have been so poorly Suzanne.

If you have stopped taking champix perhaps you should go to your GP & see what he says to be on the safe side.

I hope that whatever it is clears up soon & leaves you able to get back on your quit again :)

Gaynor x

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