No Smoking Day
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Mmmmmm apples taste good!

An old world of smells and tastes have been reopened for me and it feels good! Although I do admit if smoking could mask the smell of someones breath I had to endure for a whole 5mins without being rude last night I would add it to my pro/con list!

Todays day 6 and I've been using nicotine patches which has worked out quite well, on my previous quits I tried doing it on willpower alone which failed horribly. The last time I posted on here I had already smoked by the time I checked my reply, to which I had some messages of support and a lovely lady who had quit after recovering from cancer. I couldn't find that thread again, and if you're reading this I'm sorry.

Although the patches are working wonders its impossible without willpower...I do get sudden urges to rip them off and pick up a smoke which I try to overcome by chewing tons of gum and breathing techniques. Can literally feel some oxygen circulating around my body which is keeping me going too, after doing some reading I've found that all those little headaches and body aches are caused by an increased amount of oxygen circulating to that region that hasn't been there for a long time!


Good luck to my fellow quitters.


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Well done Alex for trying again :) I know the cravings are bad but they do not last long and they are worth putting up with if it means you stay smoke-free.

You sound really positive so keep going and it will soon be week 2!

My increased sense of smell wore me out - I washed everything that first week, clothes, curtains, carpets, furniture even my dogs because I was convinced I could smell smoke on them :eek: My house smells fab now :D


Thanks Steph,

how far along are you now? thank goodness I never smoked in the house or i'd have purchased a bucketload of fabreeze!

At this point even tho I feel the cravings and urges to smoke I don't think I could bring myself to do it after feeling the benefits, everytime I have a headache or pain it just spurs me on to keep going. I guess its important being in the right frame of mind for this shiz!




Hi Alex - Day 52!!!!

I only smoked in the kitchen and spent a fortune on plug-ins, oil for my burners and candles, but my OH who is a non-smoker said it was all in my head because he couldn't smell it anywhere apart from the kitchen :eek:

I agree - being in the right frame of mind is important - I have tried several times before and have failed. Looking back now I can see I was doing it for others and not for me.

Keep going, keep posting and we'll get there :D


Wow 52 days, seems like a lifetime away. Soon you'll have hit the big 52weeks though and will have cause for celebration ;)

I celebrated my 7 days with friends by eating lots of chocolate on the dot at 11pm (my quit time) lol. Dont actually care about how much weight i gain..


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