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No Smoking Day
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Damn it

hi all

first off i apologize for my coming rant but am miffed!!!

i have been smoke free for a while now, i have been using patches and inhalator.

i have been getting help from the non smoking service and very kindly been getting the patches and inhalator on prescription.

i recently decreased the strength of my patches as was finding it not too hard.

i ran out of patches on Monday night and didn't have an opportunity to pick any more up on Monday night so went into get them on Tuesday night a day with out them...

and was told that they did not have a prescription for me!!!!

so now have been off patches for 48 hours and been very jittery but there is no chance i will have a ciggy, as the way i look at it is if i do all the hardship over the last month or so will be for NOTHING!!

just miffed that my doc's surgery hasn't sent my prescription down to the pharmacy.

rant over....

now that i have been without the patches for a couple of days, is it worth me just not buying any and staying off them now?




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hmmm. Do you feel you are going to smoke? I think i would go out and buy some personally. It's hard enough with the patches, let alone without.


Hi Alex depends on how strong you feel, if you know without doubt that you are not going to smoke then thats great but if you think there is even a chance that you could slip then go buy your patches they have got to be cheaper than a relapse either way keep coming on here and we will try to support you in any way we can good luck


Yes i would say well done for being so willing to go without and if you feel strong enough go for it. :)


Hi Alex,

Depends on how you feel. Do you feel confident that you will be OK without them?

I did almost the full 3 months on the patches but twice did go a day and a half without patches but didn't feel strong enough yet to go patch free completely. However I know other people on here have done well after only using them for a few weeks so its really up to you and what you think is best for you.

If you do want to go back on them I would go and buy a packet today.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.



hi peeps

thanks for your reply's

i think i am strong enough to go without the patches, i did want to ease my self off them but hay hoe , i will get a pack anyway so if i feel week i can grab one.

My best friend is getting married this year and im organizing a stag weekend in Berlin in may, which i am concerned about!!!!! so may use the patches when in Berlin if i don't use them now.

I find however the patches are mostly psychosomatic so think i will be fine.

i have to say i seem to have a lot more energy now than a couple of days ago, (more restless energy) and my sense of smell seems to be heightened (even though i have been noticing that coming on for a while now)




i take it all back, i dont know if i can go without the patches just yet.

i am having a bad day of it today, i even put a ciggy to my mouth this morning.

i have bought some patches and think i will use one today.


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