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Day 16

Feeling pleased with myself for getting to the 16th day of quitting. I've managed to get through easter without od'ing on chocolate, dealth with extended family without killing someone and even had my work mates telling me that I'm alot more approachable in the morning! Hell I even went for a run yesterday - admittedly I thought I was going to die after about 20 feet and my run did'nt even get to the 5 minute mark but its a start.

I just wanted to say thanks because this forums been incredibly informative and supportive and without this and the champix I'd still be on 20 s day.

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Great. Do everything you can. It's an achievement to get through those early days. I thought easter would put me off chocolate (like christmas was supposed to) but it didn't. Oh well.:D


So well done and to get through easter without pigging out on choccy is brilliant, I wish I could eat choccy I sooooooo miss it LOL jude that does wear off so Im told and you will only think choccy about the same as you did before every Day LOL



Hi Jez

Sorry I missed this post yesterday :(

Well done you - day 17 now!!!!!! Brill :D

Have a great weekend and stay strong.


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