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I need advice please, champix

I am posting this on behalf of my daughter, I have read many say this is a great drug, but I haven't found this with my experience

She is 19 years old and generally fit and well

Started taking champix and had nausea, on day 8 took the double dose tabs and that is where it begins, had severe chest pains, and had a major anxiety attack and was admitted to CCU as have abnormal ECG, they thought she had had a coronary artery spasm, turns out it wasn't, but not a great time for me

Came home, and then developed a severe stutter, she cannot string two words together, was very hyper, fidgety and moody, up one minute and down the next

Took her to see my GP ( she had stopped taking champix the day she had heart pain) and he sent her back to the hospital, where we were told all these are uncommon side effects of champix, and no one can tell us how long these side effects will last, I am really worried, a week on she still can't speak properly, its not showing signs of getting any better, although her chest pains and moods are slightly better

I am glad that those of you found Champix worked with little or no side effects, but this is not the case for my daughter

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Thank you

AS of last wednesday, she hasn't smoked, which is a good thing

but the side effects are worrying and hope they go soon, she is slightly better speech today, fingers crossed she is improving


Hi :)

I didn't take Champix but have read of a few having bad side effects but I do feel your daughter really has been unlucky and seems to have suffered the worst that I've read. How frightening for her and all concerned.

Wishing her a full and speedy recovery and continued non smoking.


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