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Newbie saying Hi!

Hi all

Just wanted to introduce myself, I am on day 16 of Champix and day 3 without a ciggie! I have tried to give up several times on NRT but always given in but this time feels easier and permenant (i hope).

Im quite sure there are going to be tough days ahead and i hope that i am ready for them but so far so good, the only problem iv had is the doubt in my head that Champix has made this all to easy! And a fear that when the 12 week course has finished all the urges to smoke will flood back with avengence!

After 30 years of doing this awful habit i cant wait to say "i dont smoke" but i dont feel i can do that untill im doing it on my own without Champix.

B x

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Welcome Beanie xx

congratualtions on 3 day..thats wicked xx

keep posting om here. helps a lot with you quit

hope to hear you more:)


Hi Beanie

And a welcome from me too.

I'm a day ahead of you and using Champix too - apart from the odd habit thing it's going really well.

Like you I do worry about getting to the end of the course and my willpower alone won't be enough but I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Stay strong and keep posting - I've definately found it's helped me stay focused.




Welcome Beanie

I also used Champix and it really did help get me over the worst of the start of the quit. I had never got longer than 9 days before.

Stay strong and you will get there..loads to read here so keep at it.



Hi every one

Just wanted to introduce myself.....i came here day 3..


Hi every one

Just wanted to introduce myself.....i came here day 3..

Welcome to the forum Gaffi.... good luck in your quit.


Welcome tofrom me too gaffi :)


welcome and good luck!


A big welcome from me too,keep posting on here it really does help,the support is fantastic and people are always willing to give some great advice when you need it.I don't think i would have got as far as i have without everyone on here.



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